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Image of referring to 50 first dates movie, where the role played by Drew Barrymore used to erase her memory every morning

Have you ever read and fully understand the concept you were targeting or followed through some lecture or documentation and got everything but later when you were asked about that you don’t remember the answer? I have. Even recent tasks I have implemented (less than 1 or 2 months ago) and I just forgot what I have done or, at least, don’t remember things I thought I would remember.

That’s very common, at least for me. Quick story: Some people used to say I have a great memory. In high school, I memorized every chemical element (not only the main one but even those at the bottom) from that periodic table and their atomic number. This is easy, right? You can use some tricks to get that. I had a good memory of histories as well from childhood or college time or almost everything people normally forget, I used to remember. My point is, I have no memory disease or problem and still constantly forget things. …

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How do you feel about reading some software documentation or some tutorial that you are engaged to master and then you fail miserably in the hello world section? Pretty useless I guess. Now, try to recall when you started a computer science course or just started working on IT and faced that situation over and over and you feel like you are unable to complete any simple task. Ok, I get you. Be cool rookie, or even if you are experienced, you will always face things like that in IT.

I was once in your skin of getting desperate (Still I am several years later :D). Quick story: I started computer science back in 2008 in Universidade Federal de Goiás (Brasil), the dominant programming language out there was Java, and my life wasn’t easier reading Sun documentation when the Java version was at 6, then imagine setting up a web application with Spring and all those XML files. Forget it, this is not a straightforward path, this is a hard journey and I almost quit several times. …


Guilherme Alencar

I am making people’s life better as a software engineer.

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